Why Your Church Should Have a Website
The local church ministers in the midst of a media driven society.  In the light of that, I believe a local church that neglects to use at least some of that media is not being as good a steward of the ministry with which it has been entrusted as it should be.

A church website is one of the easiest and most effective media tools that every church should implement.
  • It helps people find, and obtain information about your church
People in the current culture don’t use the yellow pages any more when they are looking for a church.  In fact, many of them have never even heard of a yellow pages directory, much less used one.  Newspaper ads are another thing of the past when it comes to finding a church.  Instead, people are turning to the internet.  They search Google for local churches and if your church does not have an internet presence, they will not be able to discover anything about your church, and may not even be able to know that your church exists.

A website allows you to provide some pictures, a list of various ministries, your doctrinal, mission, vision and philosophy of ministry statements.  You can also provide some sermons for people to listen to, or watch, to learn what the preaching and teaching are like at your church.
  • It helps your church family, including your shut-ins, stay connected through the week and enhances the opportunities for ministry to them.
By using an integrated blog, calendar, forum and members-only area, your church family can connect with one another during the week for prayer, updates and encouragement.  The weekly bulletin, with its announcements, can be posted on the site as well as important church documents of interest to the congregation.
The pastor can regularly post insights from Scripture, the weekly bulletin, or even sermon audio and a study guide. Most churches that post regularly updated teaching material on line have more people using it than the total number of people who attend their church. Not only do people read and listen to the online study material, but they share it with friends and family, use it in their own Bible studies, and eventually, it gets spread around the world.
  • It provides a worldwide channel for outreach with the Gospel
People are lost and desperate for answers in this world.They have questions about God, the Bible, Jesus, and the church.Multitudes of such people are researching spiritual issues and looking for answers in the privacy of their homes.Your website can provide a source of the truth for those searching for answers.
  • It enables you to make a good first impression by putting your best foot forward
It used to be that parking lots and landscaping was the first impression people  had about your church. No longer. Now it is your website. You may have the cleanest parking lot and most manicured lawn, but when people think about attending your church, they check your website. If it is non-existent or uses old-style html buttons with out-of-date, stale information, broken links and bad color schemes, they will not attend your church. An attractive, professional looking, website will make a good first impression.

When it comes to church ministry websites, I believe good stewardship requires that a website be an extension of the church's ministry to the church family and a point of outreach to the lost.  Technical limitations, however, make the achievement of such a goal a difficult thing for many churches.  For most of us, it is a genuine struggle to create and maintain a website of any size while keeping it fresh and professional looking with any of the various HTML and CSS editors or commercial packages that are available for such purposes. 

There are many available products and services for creating and maintaining a website … some are even free; though often packaged with ads and limited options.

Finalweb is truly the best product I have seen in terms of putting the creation and maintenance of professional looking websites on a level that just about anyone can learn.  Ease of use, an impressive variety of features, including additional options for mobile apps and live streaming, fast and friendly tech support (though rarely needed) make this product a hands down winner. 

Oh, did I mention the price?  I couldn’t afford NOT to have Finalweb for use with the websites I develop and maintain.  It saves me time and it saves me money!  It will do the same for you! Let me help you get started with a Finalweb product of your choice. Contact me to let me know of your needs and we'll work together to make it happen!